Things to consider on your Rent Review

  1. Do not grant a "Licence to Alter" for tenants works which are really repairs (e.g. a/c replacement).
  2. Understanding the market is fairly easy.  Understanding the VALUATION implications of the lease takes experience.

Things to consider on your Business Rates

  1. Don’t accept empty rates.  There are a number of perfectly legitimate ways to reduce these. There are also some illegitimate schemes so do get advice.
  2. Start your refurbishment work early and record the start date so that deletions can be backdated as far as possible.
  3. Check for asbestos – it helps get an early freeze on rates.

Things to consider on your Lease Renewal

  1. If the lease is “Inside the Act” and you want to oppose it, act early and keep the pressure on.
  2. The Valuation Date for the rent in a ’54 Act renewal is always in the future (after the Court Date), so in a rising market a delay is in your favour and vice versa.
  3. If a tenant outstays their “Outside the Act” lease you can charge double rent.

Things to consider on Dilapidations

  1. The tenant may have completely different drivers to you, understanding them is vital.
  2. Do not let the Dilapidation negotiation dictate your plan for the building.  Settle it early, don’t muck about.
  3. For more "Trips & Tips for Landlord Dilapidations" read our blog

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Consider the value implications in drafting a rent review clause

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