Commercial and residential receivership specialists with a pragmatic approach to all UK asset classes, regardless of scale or sector.

Allsop's Receivership Team

Over the years. our fixed charged receivers have dealt with a wide variety of cases, so we have an extensive case history to turn to when making recommendations.

  • Nationwide Coverage (Except Scotland)
  • Partner led Receiverships
  • Fellow of NARA and members of RICS Registered Property Receivership Scheme
  • Uncomplicated and transparent fee scale
  • Cost Benefit analysis undertaken on all strategy decisions
  • Strategy constantly reviewed in tandem with market changes
  • Diligent and detailed investigation throughout
  • Robust advice on experience
  • Commercial decision making
  • LPA and Fixed Charge Receiverships
  • Asset Management for consensual workout
  • Pre appointment advice
  • Independent review and management of borrower strategy
  • Court appointed Receiverships
  • Advisory services to Administrators, Liquidators, Trustees in Bankruptcy on real estate strategy

  • Ability to appoint quickly and without court process
  • Creates a buffer between lender and borrower with the Receiver taking on liabilities
  • Specialist insolvency and asset management knowledge
  • Duty to achieve best price
  • Primary duty of care to the lender
  • Ability to insure, secure and protect the asset
  • Greater control of rental income
  • Ability where appropriate to enhance value

Allsop Receivership Experience


Receivers to the rescue
Blog 23/11/22

Receivers to the rescue


Dear Daniel, Good to speak earlier. As discussed, we have a borrower with a buy-to-let portfolio in Reading, who has recently...

How to navigate the financing of part-built developments
Blog 07/12/21

How to navigate the financing of part-built developments


Increased reward is part of the allure for development lenders when compared to standard purchase finance. Of course, borrowe...

Demystifying Insolvency… A Receiver’s perspective
Blog 01/07/21

Demystifying Insolvency… A Receiver’s perspective


The last year has seen a raft of retail CVAs and Administrations; Debenhams, Topshop, and Jessops to name a few. The current ...

Regaining control post COVID-19
Blog 16/10/20

Regaining control post COVID-19

Receivership | Landlord

Originally, the legislation put a stay on proceedings until 30 June, however this was extended again. As of 20th September r...

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