Things to consider on your Rent Review

  1. Do you have a break option at the same date? It could be useful leverage.
  2. Wait till after the review date before refurbishing and take photos of the space before doing so.
  3. Are you still using the floor areas the landlord gave you when you moved in?  Get them checked.

Things to consider on your Business Rates

  1. Check whether you can still (or should) appeal your Rateable Value before the deadline on 31st March 2023.
  2. Has the Valuation Office applied the correct floor area to calculate your Rateable Value?
  3. Tell us when there are building works closeby– we can potentially get you a rates saving during the works.
  4. If you, or your neighbours, have a rent review or lease renewal in 2021 or 2024 then the result will likely impact your rates, so pay attention to it.

Things to consider on your Lease Renewal

  1. If your lease is “Outside” the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 you MUST prepare well in advance whether or not you want to stay.
  2. If your lease is “Inside” the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954: well done, you hold all the cards. Play them wisely and take advice on how to.
  3. Assess the full cost to the Landlord if you move out, and the full cost to you of moving.  Both need specific property market knowledge.

Things to consider on Dilapidations

  1. Find out what the landlord is intending to do with the premises when you leave.
  2. The wording of your lease may make it very difficult to avoid unfair/punitive costs, get it checked.
  3. The state of the market will also influence the outcome of a dilapidations claim
  4. Tactics are vital but very specific to each case … we can’t give away all our secrets here

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What to consider when you are approaching a rent review

What to consider when you are approaching a lease renewal

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