Are you liable for dilapidation works on the property you occupied? Dilapidations are an area of growing dispute between landlords and tenants as the lifespan of leases becomes shorter. 

How we can help you

The practical definition of dilapidations is the “exit costs” to the tenant of putting a property back into repair and potentially reinstating tenant’s alterations at the termination of a tenancy / lease. These dilapidations costs are frequently a shock to a tenant when a schedule of dilapidations and costs claim is served by the landlord when their lease ends.


  • Initial dilapidations estimates
  • Arrange a schedule / survey of dilapidations
  • Interpret the lease in relation to dilapidations
  • If appropriate arrange for dilapidation works to be undertaken
  • Advise on the implications of dilapidations legislation including section 18 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1927 – this is the most crucial statutory provision for tenants – imposing caps on the landlords aspirations/claim
  • Advise tenants on whether to carry out the works within the dilapidations schedule
  • Advise on tactics / timings to employ in given circumstances
  • Negotiate the dilapidations claim
  • Advise on the  Dilapidations Protocol ie best practice guidance for tenants
  • Preparing Section 18 valuations – which can have the effect of significantly reducing a tenant’s dilapidations liability


  • Allsop is one of the UK’s leading dilapidations specialists
  • We advises tenants on the valuation and legal dilapidations issues that influence the level of dilapidations claims at lease / tenancy expiry
  • It is the skill of the dilapidations negotiator that ensures the claim is kept to the absolute minimum.  We are experienced dilapidations negotiators in this field.

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