Blog 26/05/20

Coronavirus Rates Relief

Occupier Business Rates

The government has introduced a number of measures to give support to businesses through the period of disruption caused by ...

Blog 06/05/20

Can a property valuation be Red Book compliant in these uncertain times?

Valuation | Loan Security

The simple answer is, yes it can. When I thought about my impending return from maternity leave; I thought of my daily commu...

Blog 11/03/20

It’s time to prepare for your new business rates bill

Owner Business Rates

As of 1 April, the new financial year begins. So, in the coming weeks, thousands of property owners across the country will h...

Blog 13/01/20

Are you looking to sell your land? Here’s how

Land & Development

Many landowners are increasingly tempted to sell their land for development, usually under an option agreement. An option agr...

Blog 03/12/19

The rarity value of regulated tenancies

For those browsing the Allsop residential catalogue, you will have seen the wide-range of properties that we take to the auc...

Blog 14/09/19

How traditional surveyor skills can be transferred into the build to rent (BTR) world

Build to Rent

The build to rent (BTR) market is constantly evolving and the detail required to produce a successful scheme, can often get ...

Blog 06/07/19

HMO Legislation Update – Protecting Tenants from Rogue Landlords

HMO | Residential Property

Autumn 2018 saw the implementation of revised standard requirements for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), with the Licen...

Blog 31/05/19

Five errors tenants make when negotiating leases

Lease Advisory | Occupier Lease Renewals

Tenants often make mistakes when negotiating leases. Leases are complex legal documents requiring specialist attention but, o...

Blog 11/05/19

Pitfalls or Windfalls: dilapidations can go either way

Lease Advisory | Owner Dilapidations

Many landlords and tenants will forget to plan adequately for dilapidations, dismissing the process as just a haggle over cos...

Blog 20/12/18

What overseas investors need to know about the new CGT on commercial property

Commercial Investment | Valuation

In November 2017, the Chancellor announced the removal of the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption on commercial property held b...

News 11/12/18

Allsop Leeds office crowned the 2018 Best Residential Consultancy in Yorkshire

Residential Investment | Student Housing

Allsop has been named the Best Residential Consultancy at the Yorkshire Property Awards. Held in October at the prestigious ...

Blog 30/10/18

Rating red flags – busting common myths and misconceptions

Owner Business Rates

For commercial property owners, businesses and developers, business rates are a major factor and overhead to consider. Incre...

Blog 19/10/18

Fish Island – Selling a new 21st century ‘village’ community

Valuation | The Property Market

An island is defined as ‘a piece of land surrounded by water’. Confusingly, Fish Island in East London is not really an isla...

Blog 08/10/18

Build to Rent: Mobilisation

Build to Rent

In the last issue of All Magazine, Andy Pointon explained the delicate juggling acts required to balance the challenges of i...

Blog 06/04/18

Build to rent – juggling the challenges of investment and development

Build to Rent | Residential Investment

In the last issue of All Magazine, my colleague Emma Hart discussed the importance of research in designing a build to rent ...

Blog 12/03/18

Area Focus: Vauxhall, Battersea & Nine Elms

Valuation | Residential Property

Regeneration project continues to power on in spite of a market downturn and oversupply concerns. With over 30 development s...