News 01/06/20

Second Successful Online Lockdown Auction for Allsop Residential

Residential Auction

Market Leading Auction House Raises £28m with 81% Success Allsop’s success in the online auction world continued last week, ...

Blog 29/05/20

Investors looking for speed can opt for Hybrid

Commercial Investment | Residential Investment

As soon as it is deemed safe enough for business to return to an element of normality, and those transactions which may have...

Blog 29/05/20

All Back to Work

Office Leasing | Offices

As we all look forward to the end of the COVID-19 lockdown, companies across the country will be evaluating how their office...

Blog 27/05/20

Receivership and COVID-19: Protecting the asset and security


THREE QUESTIONS: Can Receivers still be appointed? What are the benefits and can they sell in this current climate? The COVID...

Blog 26/05/20

Coronavirus Rates Relief

Occupier Business Rates

The government has introduced a number of measures to give support to businesses through the period of disruption caused by ...

News 22/05/20

Allsop raises £40m at May online-only commercial auction

Commercial Auction

Despite fluctuating market conditions, Allsop has raised more than £40m and achieved a success rate of 88% at its May commer...

Blog 21/05/20

Learning about sustainable income from the investment front line

Commercial Auction | Commercial Investment

The front line has taken on a new meaning in the last few months, and whilst those essential workers are hard at work at the...

Blog 21/05/20

Online auctions help keep the property market functioning


2020 had started with such optimism. There was finally closure on Brexit. We had a new prime minister with a strong majority....

Blog 18/05/20

Will we now need to adopt the hybrid method of office occupation?

Office Leasing | Tenant

Since 24th March office space became, virtually overnight, of little use to anyone.  Eight weeks forward and London has star...

News 11/05/20

What’s transacting in the Commercial Market?

Property Market Updates

Allsop Commercial Managing Partner, Ed Dunningham, shares his views on the commercial property market.

Publications 07/05/20

All the News and All the Views from Allsop – All Magazine Spring/Summer Issue 2020

ALL Magazine | The Property Market

All the news and all the views from Allsop in our Spring/Summer issue of ‘All’. This purely online edition of ALL explores a ...

Blog 06/05/20

Can a property valuation be Red Book compliant in these uncertain times?

Valuation | Loan Security

The simple answer is, yes it can. When I thought about my impending return from maternity leave; I thought of my daily commu...

Blog 01/05/20

Don’t feel cornered by your tenants. You have weapons in your armoury too.

Lease Advisory | Owner Lease Renewals

Landlords currently under pressure to agree short lease extensions may feel that they have no negotiating levers.  The Coron...

News 01/05/20

Business as usual as Allsop releases May commercial auction catalogue

Commercial Auction

Allsop’s May commercial auction catalogue, now released, comprises 55 lots producing a combined income of £3,600,000pa Sixt...

Blog 27/04/20

It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark

Commercial Auction

The past few weeks have been a world away from my normal. Whilst I’ve not stepped foot inside my office or seen any friends s...

Publications 27/04/20

Allsop Q1 2020 Property Market Update

Property Market Updates | The Property Market

Take a look at our Q1 Property Market Update 2020 outlining our thoughts on the market, looking at its varying performance,...