Nasif Miah shares his thoughts on life as an Allsop apprentice.


  • First day of the week is probably my most productive, my Mondays would start with me and my supervisor sitting down in an informal meeting going through our jobs lists to do this week. This way I can mentally plan and structure for the week ahead. At midday we have our weekly team meeting, this is where we catch up with what's happened over the last week and then the week ahead. Having these meetings early on in the week really does help organise and keep everyone on the same page. Monday is therefore probably the most important day of the week for me.


  • My typical Tuesday consists of my one day at university. My lectures/seminars are from 9am – 6pm so it pretty much takes up my whole day up. But this assigned study day gives me a chance to catch up on coursework or with my learning.  The added value for me here is having the opportunity to get to know other students, not only apprentices but full-time students to build connections with.   Building a network so early on I'm sure will come in handy somehwere down the line.  I think the balance between studying and working works perfectly.


  • Wednesday is the day I sit down and crack on with my work, but I’m always encouraged to meet up with apprentices, so I try to include either a lunch or a coffee with an apprentice in the industry.  Allsop encourages all apprentices and graduates to learn to network which shows me how important this skill is to have.  These weekly or so informal meetings have defintely helped to build my network of contacts.  It cannot be overstated how important connections are in this industry.  You just never know who you might be working with on a deal in the future, but it definitely helps if you have taken the time to get to now them before that happens.


  • This is the day I reflect upon my work  Whether it be through feedback or talking to my colleagues I’ve been working with, I’ve tried to get into the habit of providing a greater quality of work than quantity. Realistically that comes with from making mistakes and learning from them. Thursdays consist of reviewing my work and tackling other jobs I have on my list. Having people around you that give you feedback and learning from it really is the most crucial part of your development.  But Thursdays are also the days Allsop host their football matches.  I have been given the opportunity of managing the Allsop football team which gives me the chance to network with clients and organise our football games with them.   As I am still only an apprentice, being given such responsibility so early on in my career really gives me a sense of trust.


  • Toward the end of the week, I could either be on inspection or hosting a viewing for a property we are selling. Honestly this is my favourite part of the job.  The chance to go out into the real estate world and deal with property first hand is what it is really all about and I love being able to travel to parts of the country I've never been.   

In summary, every week is different. The people I meet for coffee;  clients I have a football matches with;  or even deals and viewings I will be working on;  vary from week to week. This is what keeps me on my toes.   The variety of what I do offers a really good learning platform and the experience I have gained already is invaluable.

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