Nas is an apprentice in the National Investment teams and provides support towards the team with managing and leading sales. From a day-to-day role perspective Nas’ role differentiates as he predominantly works on different part of sales from start to finish.


Nasif began his full-time career at Allsop June 2021. He joined the National Investment team as an apprentice and will pursue this role for 3 years until he moves on to his rotations as a graduate.

Prior to joining Allsop Nas was a school leaver and had previous experience within the Real Estate industry with internships at British Land, The Crowned Estate and with Quod.


Favourite Sport/Team: Arsenal

Favourite Film: Fast & Furious 5

Favourite Food/ Meal: Chicken wings 

Favourite Holiday Destination: Turkey

One thing You could not go a day without: My phone!

Insights by Nasif Miah

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