Blog 28/02/18

Area focus: Elephant & Castle


London’s Elephant & Castle derives its unique name from a local coaching inn that dates back to 1765, although the menti...

News 07/02/18

Allsop expands its reach to target big Asian investors in new tie up with Millennium Group

Commercial Investment | Commercial Central London Investment

Asian capital continues to pour into London as UK leading property consultancy Allsop forges an alliance with Hong Kong base...

Blog 06/01/18

Area Focus: White City

Land & Development | Valuation

The area now known as White City was, until well into the 19th century, desolate farmland bisected by a singular track: Wood...

Blog 24/11/17

Research, research, research is the mantra for build to rent

Build to Rent

Allsop’s Senior Research Analyst, Emma Hart, shares her insights on the importance of good market intelligence and how to as...

Blog 08/09/17

Advantages of an Inside the Act lease

Lease Advisory | Occupier Lease Renewals

“The Act” (The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954) is a tremendous piece of legislation for tenants. It was designed when commerci...

Blog 16/08/17

Supreme Court ruling favours developers

Owner Business Rates | Land & Development

The long-awaited and highly anticipated decision of the business rates case, Monk v Newbigin has now been received, dissecte...

Blog 13/06/17

Large-scale investors spot a gap in the market for student digs

Student Housing

In January 2016, we shared our thoughts on why larger investors should look at student HMOs. Over the last year, many large-...

Japanese Knotweed
Blog 21/05/17

Japanese Knotweed: what’s all the fuss, it’s only a plant?

Valuation | Loan Security

We are indebted to the Victorians for their creation of the railway network, ingenious infrastructure and refinement of polit...

Blog 05/02/17

Area Focus: The buzz about Brixton

Valuation | Residential Auction

With Brixton located 2.7 miles (4.3 km) from Central London and its convenient transport links via the London Underground Vi...

John Lewis Leeds
Blog 14/11/16

Largest John Lewis outside London heralds Leeds’ success

Residential Investment | Residential Property

Last month, Leeds benefited from the opening of the largest John Lewis outside London, confirming its place as one of the UK...

Blog 23/02/16

If the lease of your property is nearly down to 80 years, act now to preserve the value

Valuation | Residential Property

Once the lease of your flat falls below 80 years, even by a day, the cost of a lease extension will increase exponentially, a...

News 21/12/12

Allsop Welcome Rob Austen and Barney Lewis

Valuation | Careers

Allsop have appointed Rob Austen and Barney Lewis. Rob Austen joins Allsop as a Salaried Partner in the Residential Valuatio...