Blog 05/02/17

Area Focus: The buzz about Brixton

Valuation | Residential Auction

With Brixton located 2.7 miles (4.3 km) from Central London and its convenient transport links via the London Underground Vi...

Blog 12/01/17

Du Cane Court paved the way for today’s build to rent

Build to Rent

The recent wave of build to rent schemes, which boast modern interiors and luxury facilities, have hit the headlines as bein...

News 21/11/16

Allsop to auction two adjacent, prime development opportunities in Fulham, London

Residential Auction

Lot 27: one of the last privately owned undeveloped sites in Fulham, on the market for the first time since 1883 (Guide £50...

John Lewis Leeds
Blog 14/11/16

Largest John Lewis outside London heralds Leeds’ success

Residential Investment | Residential Property

Last month, Leeds benefited from the opening of the largest John Lewis outside London, confirming its place as one of the UK...

Blog 02/10/16

Dispelling some auction myths – the advantages and disadvantages of buying at auction

Auction | Buying at Auction

Buying at auction is just one way to buy a property. Find out if it’s the one for you, or whether you’d prefer investing in ...

Blog 11/08/16

Ground rents – where are the opportunities?

Residential Auction | Ground Rents

About 20 years ago, Dorrington’s Residential MD Trevor Moross, then President of the British Property Federation (BPF), aske...

Blog 29/07/16

Offices cycle into the future

Office Leasing | Offices

Taking place this weekend, 29th to the 31st July, is Prudential Ride London, a festival of cycling that is in its fourth yea...

Blog 03/07/16

Why commercial property investors are heading for Cambridge

Commercial Investment

A highly educated population that’s attracting large companies, a restricted supply of office property and rapidly rising ren...

News 14/03/16

Urban Land Institute’s Build to Rent Best Practice Guide: 2nd Edition

Build to Rent

The Urban Land Institute have published the 2nd Edition of their Best Practice Guide for the rapidly-emerging Build to Rent ...

Blog 23/02/16

If the lease of your property is nearly down to 80 years, act now to preserve the value

Valuation | Residential Property

Once the lease of your flat falls below 80 years, even by a day, the cost of a lease extension will increase exponentially, a...

Blog 10/01/16

Five golden rules for buying property at auction

Auction | Buying at Auction

Buying a home at auction can be very exciting. You might pick one up for less than the maximum price you’ve set yourself. Bu...

Blog 14/12/15

Why not consider buying ground rents?

Residential Auction | Ground Rents

It seems that the Government is doing everything it can to make life difficult for the buy to let investor. First the phasin...

Blog 12/11/15

Build to rent – why it’s an investment class in its own right

Build to Rent

Build to rent offers huge possibilities for developers and investors, particularly in the long term. In fact, we predict tha...

Blog 09/07/15

The special purchaser – a vendor’s dream

Residential Investment | Residential Development Consultancy

The buzz words in the residential investment team of late are definitely ‘special purchaser’. We’ve seen some huge prices be...

News 16/06/15

Historical lots in Allsop’s July Commercial Auction Catalogue

Commercial Auction

Investor’s will stand the chance of getting a piece of the past when a very interesting and historical investment goes under...

Blog 08/05/15

Huntington Beach – A model for UK High Streets?

Commercial Auction | Retail

Over my summer break I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the offerings of California. This wonderfully sunny state lies on...