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News 28/01/20

Allsop begins the year with a strong residential auction catalogue

Residential Auction

Allsop’s first 2020 residential auction to offer 230 lots Catalogue features eight lots guided at £1m or more, with lot 128...

Blog 28/01/20

Key Takeaways: Property Week Student Housing Conference

Student Housing

In December, Allsop attended the Property Week Student Accommodation Conference and here are our key takeaways. Political la...

Podcast 28/01/20

Podcast: Allsop chats to Columbia Threadneedle

Commercial Auction

Allsop Propchat – 2019 review and 2020 predictions in the commercial auction property market Allsop have released their late...

Publications 24/01/20

Residential Auction Market Outlook 2020

Residential Auction | Auction Market Outlook

The end of 2019 not only marked the end of the decade but also the end of four years of political chaos and uncertainty acro...

News 21/01/20

Allsop offers exceptional range and quality in February commercial auction catalogue

Commercial Auction

Allsop’s first commercial auction catalogue of the year offers 113 lots offering a total rental income of £5.9m, along with ...

Blog 20/01/20

Yield hungry? Don’t overlook secondary towns and cities

Residential Investment

The UK’s secondary towns and cities are often referred to as our Cinderella locations, but many have lots to offer the savvy...

Blog 14/01/20

Housing associations benefit from best price and transparency at auctions. Here’s how

Residential Auction

When an organisation or investor is looking to liquidate its assets and raise capital, an auction platform can be an effecti...

Publications 14/01/20

Insights into the Commercial Auction Market in 2019 Annual Review

Commercial Auction | Auction Market Outlook

Strong appetite for commercial assets in 2019 gives boost to Allsop Commercial Auctions Auctions raise £433m from 631 lots w...

Blog 13/01/20

Are you looking to sell your land? Here’s how

Land & Development

Many landowners are increasingly tempted to sell their land for development, usually under an option agreement. An option agr...

Blog 10/01/20

Boris, Brexit, Bounce – do these words belong together when referring to the housing market?

Residential Property | Land & Development

The closing months of 2019 saw the UK election campaign culminating in a landslide win for the conservative party with it’s ...

Blog 09/12/19

Degree Apprenticeships: Expelling the Myths

Apprenticeships | Graduates

University had always been my go to plan and throughout school the UCAS process is at the forefront of students minds. Just ...

Blog 03/12/19

The rarity value of regulated tenancies

For those browsing the Allsop residential catalogue, you will have seen the wide-range of properties that we take to the auc...

Blog 21/11/19

Sell my home by auction

Five words you may never expect to enter into Google. Why? Auctions are sometimes perceived as a dumping ground and one whic...

News 20/11/19

Allsop boosts its Board with appointment of new non-executive director

We have appointed Jamie Hopkins, former CEO of Workspace Group, a leading provider of business space, to our Board as a non-e...

Blog 04/11/19

The benefits of buying second hand student accommodation

Most people prefer to buy new but sometimes it doesn’t make any sense when the older version is equally as good. You can hav...