Annika joined Allsop in 2004 and qualified as a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 2007.

Annika is a partner of the firm and Co-head of the Corporate Recovery team taking appointments as a Fixed Charge Receiver from the majority of the main UK financial institutions.  Annika has been a RICS Registered Property Receiver and a Fellow of NARA (Non-Administrative Receivers Association) since 2009.


With 16 years of working in one of the market leading dedicated Receivership teams Annika has dealt with 1000’s of Receiverships appointments nationwide from bedsits to multi-million pound developments. Annika’s extensive experience of both residential and commercial assets means that she has dealt with almost any situation, be in technical, strategic or legal. Annika’s experience alongside her colleagues means that the team have a commercial and pragmatic approach that can maximize realization and often lead to a full recovery for the lender.


  • Member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Fixed Charge Receiver
  • Fellow of NARA


FAVOURITE SPORT/TEAM: I love all sports but in particular skiing and watching Rugby.

FAVOURITE FILM: National Lampoons European Vacation.

FAVOURITE FOOD: There are Norwegian cakes called Skole Boller that for the sake of my health I am pleased I only eat when I am in Norway.

FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION: A cabin on a Fjord in the middle of nowhere.

ONE THING YOU COULD NOT GO A DAY WITHOUT: Daily life advice from my 5 year old!

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