Newly Qualified 2022


What was your route to the graduate scheme?

I worked at Allsop as an Auctions Assistant in the Commercial Auction team for two years whilst simultaneously completing a part-time masters in Real Estate from UCEM. Following this I joined the Allsop graduate scheme and completed two years of rotations in teams including Residential Auctions, Lease Consultancy and Business Rates, Receivership, Commercial Valuations, and National Investments.


What was your first rotation?

My first rotation was in Residential Auctions which helped me improve my time-management (as I was out of the office inspecting a lot) and my communication (as I spent a lot of time on the phone!). The opportunity in this team allows you to be involved in the whole process of an auction cycle from carrying out market appraisals to selling properties via auction and much more in between.  As the market-leader in Auctions this is a unique opportunity compared to other companies that is interesting and diverse and gives you a great understanding of the auction process.


Where did you go next?

Following Residential Auctions I did a rotation in the Lease Consultancy and Business Rates team. This allowed me to gain a much better understanding of the contents of a lease and how this can impact on value.


What opportunities have you been offered?

Throughout my experience on the graduate scheme at Allsop I have inspected properties of all asset types across the UK – from Cornwall to Carlisle – which has been a great way to better understand the properties that I will be dealing with throughout my career as well as the property market itself.


How did Allsop help you prepare for your APC?

My colleagues at Allsop provided excellent support in preparing me for my APC. Everyone was very encouraging and supportive with so many people taking time out of their day to read through my submissions, answer my queries and complete mock-APCs with me.


Tell us about the social side of Allsop

Having worked at other companies before Allsop I recognise that Allsop is very welcoming and a friendly place to work. Being a smaller, partner led company, allows employees to be individuals and not to get lost in the crowd. There are many activities and events to get involved with outside of working hours which is a good way of getting to know people outside of the team that you are in.