What was your route to the graduate scheme?

I studied Real Estate Management at Oxford Brookes University doing their undergraduate degree and then did an internship with a City Agency firm for 5 months before joining the Graduate Scheme.

What attracted you to Allsop?

Initially, the size of the company in comparison to Allsop’s competitors. 

How did you find the interview process? 

I enjoyed the interview process as it was more personal than other graduate applications.   It wasn't so HR driven and more about meeting surveyors and partners.

What was your first rotation?

City Investment

Where did you go next?

I stayed with City Investment for a further 6 months and then joined the Commercial Auction team.

What opportunities have you been offered?

Through my time with City Investment I have constantly been in contact with clients and always invited to inspections and meetings.

How did Allsop help you prepare for your APC

Through my time so far the regular CPD sessions and constant support from team members and external sessions on understanding the APC have been invaluable.

What would you say has been your best day so far?

One of the best days so far has been when I was involved in a Development Appraisal for a site in Shoreditch and I was able to sit in the meetings with architects helping our client to analyse the different schemes.

Tell us about the social side of Allsop

Allsop is very sociable firm and encourages networking both internally and outside of the firm.