Before bidding at any Allsop auction you must first register to bid. Once registered, you'll then need to know how to bid on auction day.

At an in-room auction bids can be placed in-person or remotely via the internet, by phone or by proxy.

You will need to select your bidding method when registering to bid.

Upon successful registration, you will receive an email from Allsop with your Unique Bidder ID which is required to be eligible to bid. Your Unique Bidder ID will be accessible in your Allsop account and you will also receive a reminder e-mail on auction day. 

Bidding in-room 

On auction day you need to bring:

If you haven’t attended a live property auction for while or have never been to one before, then watch our video to get top tips on bidding in the room from Auctioneer, Richard Adamson.

Bidding remotely

There are three different ways to bid remotely.

Via the internet

On auction day you need to:

We have created a short film to guide you through the steps of bidding via the internet at an in-room auction.

By phone

On auction day:

By proxy

When the gavel falls...

Important Information