website-busines-rates-rates-payment-management-imageCouncils perform over 20 million rate related tasks every year in order to collect the £25 billion in rates that are due from ratepayers.

The potential for errors are enormous and are frequently a reality.

Business rate bills are some of the most complicated to validate, it’s easy for bills that are being paid to be incorrect.


There is so much to consider:

  • Rates supplements
  • Exemptions
  • Reliefs (being introduced which are not always granted where warranted)
  • Refunds
  • BID Levies

There is so much to do:

  • Auditing and paying rate bills
  • Monitoring and calculating rateable values
  • Dealing with issues relating to opened and closed premises
  • Budget reports

Allsop offer a full specialist rates management service where over the years we have assisted many tenants secure refunds and challenge rate demands, allowing you more time to concentrate on running your business.

What we can do for you

  • Reducing your administrative burden by managing your rates account
  • Receiving, checking, regularising, approving and paying demands on your behalf
  • Refunds, reliefs and exemptions claimed and secured
  • Providing budgeting, payment and reconciliatory reports
  • Rejecting Summons served in error
  • Rate Mitigation – temporary occupations
  • Securing exemptions
    • Listed buildings
    • Part occupied
    • Discretionary reliefs
    • Occupation prohibited

Our specialist team will ensure that only fully approved demands are paid and incorrect demands are rejected, as well as negotiating on your behalf to recover any overpayment in rates bills.

Tailored to your needs

Every instruction we handle is bespoke as we fully appreciate that the needs of our clients and their portfolios are as individual as the people running them.

We build a service centred on the needs of your business – this could be as simple as providing a monthly payment report to a full rate management service.

At a suitable budget

The streamlined systems and processes that we use ensure that our costs are kept to a minimum, enabling us to be among the most competitive in our field.

As the service it tailored to your needs, you can choose how much or how little a service we provide for you to fit your budget.

Excellent client care with a competitive edge

Our service more than pays for itself within each rate year, thanks to the due diligence, expertise of our team and the ongoing savings and recoveries that we achieve.

We feel it is essential that we always make the time to be in touch with you at every turn – excellent client care is what we are renowned for.