website-busines-rates-rates-payment-audit-imageWe carry out Rates Recovery for property occupiers, property companies and administrators

 How can councils get it so wrong?

The sheer volume of tasks, overworked staff and the complexity of the calculations lead to rates overcharges being made.  Typical errors can include:

  • Charges that were not compliant with legislation in force at the time
  • Failure to grant one or more of the numerous reliefs available to ratepayers
  • Incorrect account opening and closure dates for new and closed properties
  • Transfers between rating accounts
  • Incorrectly charging on temporarily empty property

How can we prove there’s an error?

To check whether demands are correct and to challenge any inaccuracies requires technical expertise and intimate knowledge of the rating system.  We have a team of highly skilled rates recovery specialists.  The time required to complete the recovery exercise will be dependent on the size and complexity of your property portfolio.  Once we have secured the relevant data all you need to do is sit back and wait while we do the work.  In most cases the first you’ll see is your money returning to your bank account.  If you’ve been over charged, we’ll find it, prove it and most important of all we’ll get your money back.

We only charge when we are successful