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Saturday 1 November 2014
Business Rates

Our highly skilled appeals team focus on securing rate savings by appealing against and reducing Rateable Values

The Rateable Value on a property represents the Government’s estimate of its rental value and determines the amount of rates payable.  The 2010 Rateable Values are based on rental levels prevailing in 2008.  We believe the uncertain market conditions at this time warrant every Rateable Value being analysed to assess whether it could be reduced.

How can we reduce your rates liability?

There are numerous situations which can potentially warrant a reduction in your rates liability.

  • Your Rateable Value is too high
  • Your property is being adversely affected by a local disturbance eg building works
  • There has been a change in your area eg a new shopping centre opening
  • You have vacant or part vacant units

 …don’t miss out – certain appeal deadlines apply.

 We also provide advice to both property owners and property occupiers on all rating issues including empty rates liabilities.